Thursday, September 8, 2011

My New York, part 2

這是我朋友紐約公寓的浴室 (曾經的公寓啦)
you can just sit on the toilet, brush your teeth and wash your face at the same time.

This story happened in our first year in New York.
My friend and I went to buy cheesecakes from Veniero for Thanksgiving.
We were standing in a long line for a while. Suddenly, a woman cut in line in front of us and said," oh, i am back. thank you so much for holding my space..." We were like bumpkins and asked each other, " do you remember her?"
Couple minutes later, she decided not to buy the cheesecake and left. I still couldn't figure out she did it on purpose or just didn't remember who held the space for her.

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  1. 哈哈哈,我欣賞多功能浴室~我最喜歡同時做多件事,可以自以為很省時間