Monday, May 18, 2009

My thesis

My thesis film is a love story about a soap and a sponge. The soap falls in love with the sponge. Unfortunately, the sponge has never notice this secret admirer. With the help of two friends, towels, the soap realizes that the only way to please and reach the sponge is to turn itself into bubbles.

When I made this story, I called it “ Mr. Soap”. It was suggested to me not to give them gender, like Mr. Soap or Miss Sponge. My thesis advisor, Stephen Gaffney, also told me I should have a title that would belong to me…for example, it should be in Chinese. he has a deep meaning here.

Well, then my friend, little light, helped me come up with the new title “Hey, It’s me. Yours Bubbly,….” Mr. Soap’s wish, trying to attract Miss Sponge’s attention, would be delivered like a letter. The signature is the image of the soap itself. On the other hand, it can also be this film.

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